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Foundation Damage Answers For Homeowners

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Without a solid and stable foundation, a home will be an extremely unsafe place to be. Unfortunately, foundation damage can occur to any home, and it will be necessary for the owner to be able to quickly take steps to repair these damages to keep them from worsening and destabilizing the entire home.

Are Cracks Always Caused By Moisture?

Cracks in the foundation is one of the most common types of damage that a foundation can encounter. When a foundation develops cracks, it can become increasingly weak. This will allow the cracks to spread, which may further weaken the foundation. While moisture problems can be a common source of these cracks, there are other causes as well. For example, seismic activity can cause extensive cracking in the foundation.

Can The Soil Under The Foundation Be Reinforced?

The soil eroding under the foundation can be another major source of problems as it will deprive the foundation of the support that it needs to withstand the weight of the home. In addition to the soil eroding, it can also be possible for the soil to simply be too loose or soft to be able to support the home. Luckily, a foundation repair contractor will be able to reinforce this soil using one of a number of different approaches. One option will be to insert support poles into the ground that will be able to distribute the wight from the foundation deeper in the ground.

How Can A Homeowner Prevent Their Home From Developing Foundation Problems?

Regardless of the cause, repairing a damaged foundation can be a disruptive and expensive affair. As a result, it will almost always be more advisable for the homeowner to take aggressive steps for preventing the foundation from suffering damage in the first place. Ensuring that the soil around the house has sufficient drainage and that any large plants are kept a safe distance from the home will help the foundation to avoid being damaged by water or root intrusions. Furthermore, regularly inspecting the home for possible signs of foundation damage will improve the chances of being able to limit the needed repairs.

Should Your Insurance Be Notified Of The Foundation Damage?

Foundation repairs can be expensive, but some homeowner's insurance policies will provide coverage for the costs of these repairs. Typically, this will depend on the cause of the damage to the foundation as to whether the claim will be covered. If you are not planning on using your insurance to pay for these repairs, you may still need to contact the insurance agency to notify them of these damages as this is a common requirement of insurance companies.