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Keep Your Eyes Out For These Summer Roof Issues

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The winter is well-known for wreaking havoc on your roof, what with all of the ice and snow that can accumulate up there. But, just because the weather is getting warmer, it does not mean you are now home free. Summer can also bring some unique challenges for your roof that you should keep an eye for in order to take control of the situation before you end up with a costly repair bill. Here are some tips on what to keep your eye on this summer.

Watch Your Trees Closely and Trim If Necessary

Summer brings a full bloom out of your trees, and if you have any that are situated close to your house, you'll want to pay special attention. If a tree branch starts jutting out in the direction of your roof, you should trim the branch down before it falls down on its own. A falling tree branch could cause significant damage to your shingles, flashing, and other areas of your roof. Even if the branches are sturdy, falling leaves could cause a clog in your gutter that leads to a leak.

Make Sure Rainwater is Draining Properly

Speaking of gutters, keep an eye on yours, as well as any downspout systems you may have installed. If the water is not flowing freely off of the roof, down into the gutter, and harmlessly into your downspout system where it can be sent away from your house, you might be risking a problem with your foundation. A clog or other issue could cause water to fall directly down the side of the house, potentially eroding your foundation and causing a leak in your basement.

Be Careful with New Installations

Summer is a popular time for homeowners to add new installation to their roof. Perhaps you want to add a sunroof in one area of your home, or you are looking to upgrade your chimney or add a satellite dish.

If you use the good weather to make a major change or adjustment to your roof, pay special attention to the flashing that surrounds any installation. Leaving even a tiny gap could cause a leak the next time a storm arrives. 

Get an Inspection Now

For best results, this summer, reach out to a roofing company such as Par One Construction, Inc. that can conduct a full and complete inspection of your roof and gutter system. Fix small problems now, and they won't turn into a costly one when the weather heats up.