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Four Uses For Glass Shelves In Your Bathroom

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Wall shelves are an excellent storage solution for any room. In addition to looking great, they also provide a huge amount of practical storage space while occupying only a relatively small space on the wall and no floor footprint at all. Many people install wall shelves in bedrooms or living rooms, but they make even more sense as a bathroom fixture. The ability to choose a shelf that is exactly the shape and size that you want makes them ideal for the relatively small amount of space available in most bathrooms, not to mention that you can select a shelf style that fits the room's décor perfectly.

Of course, if you want to take your wall shelf game to the next level, then glass shelves are the way to go. Glass shelves are chic and modern, making them a great fit for any contemporary bathroom. Read on to discover four great ways to make use of glass wall shelves in your next bathroom project.

Over the Toilet

One of the most difficult areas to make use of in a bathroom is the wall directly behind the toilet. Large, bulky storage units that fit around the toilet tank exist, but these don't always fit in with a light and modern bathroom design. These units also require floor space for their legs, which occupy the area near the back of the toilet that is commonly used as storage for necessities such as plungers or extra paper rolls.

Glass wall shelves allow you to utilize as much or as little of the wall space behind the toilet as you want, all without needing to occupy any floor space at all. Many shelves are available with towel bars as well, making this an even more efficient use of space.

In the Shower

The shower is the perfect place to install glass shelving. Glass is completely water-resistant, is easy to clean, and looks great with almost any style of shower surround. Triangular corner shelves provide the perfect place to keep bottles of soap, shampoo, conditioner, or other necessities without reducing the amount of usable space in the shower at all. Floating shelves provide a clean and modern appearance, while larger multitiered units can offer up additional storage space.

Over the Vanity

The wall space between your vanity and mirror is a great location to fit a bit more storage in. This is especially useful if you need a place to keep toothbrushes, moisturizer, creams, or other items that are useful to have close to the sink. While a variety of on-vanity storage solutions exist, small glass wall shelves are unobtrusive and provide some extra storage for essentials without taking the focus away from the design of your vanity and mirror.

In the Corner

Do you have some extra corner space in your bathroom that's going unused? Floating, triangular glass shelves can put that space to use in a clean and efficient way. Out-of-the-way corner shelves can be a great place to store decorative items to brighten your bathroom up, as well as a nice location for extra towels, soap, or other items that are only needed occasionally.