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Bathroom Remodeling: Questions To Ask

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A room that everyone uses daily is the bathroom. Your bathroom may serve your needs adequately, but after being in it so many times, you may want to see some changes. You might hope to do a surface remodeling or a full-scale project that involves tearing down walls and replacing appliances. Whatever your plans, ask these remodeling and renovating questions first.

How Good Is Our Plumbing System?

Your bathroom is arguably the place where the most water is used in the entire home. It's important that remodeling work doesn't damage existing pipes, but more importantly, it's important that an outdated, old, or damaged plumbing system doesn't cause problems for your remodeled bathroom. Leaky pipes, water stains on walls, and valves that won't turn are all signs that a plumber needs to investigate before the remodeling starts. A plumber can assess your bathroom plumbing and get repairs out of the way so you won't be concerned that your remodeling efforts will be ruined. 

How Will My Decisions Affect Costs and Delivery Times?

Your own opinions about what belongs in your remodeled bathroom may be set in stone. However, after seeing a movie or visiting a friend, your ideas may change. For both your schedule and budget, you need to understand now how changing your ideas will affect the entire remodeling process. You may not think it's a big deal to decide you'd like two handles on the bathroom sink instead of a single handle, but you may not realize such a change could mean that the plumber must reconfigure pipes and that you'll need to wait and pay for shipping both the new and old faucets. 

How Will We Handle Waste?

Recycling cardboard boxes is one thing, but if you're disposing of drywall and toilets, putting things on the edge of your driveway for the town garbage collectors may not be an option. You might need to arrange for several dumpsters to haul away waste. In fact, if dumpsters are used, your town may ask that you seek permits for that activity. Have a disposal plan before work starts.

What Needs Might My Family Have?

While your focus may be on new heated floors or the gorgeous new vanity, remodeling presents a perfect opportunity to think about real bathroom needs. While you're taking things out and putting things in, why not consider whether more towel bars are necessary for support when sitting and standing, for instance? Now could be a great time to consider whether you need a walk-in tub instead of a new shower tile. Think about the future of the family while selecting new elements and remodeling possibilities.

As you start to imagine your new bathroom, it helps to ask yourself and your bathroom remodeling contractor questions like these. Explore every option and keep discussing the space so your contractor can deliver a serene, bright new space for your home.