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Types Of Gutter Protection That Make Gutter Maintenance Much Easier On You

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If you're approaching your retirement years and getting to the point where you no longer want to climb on a ladder to maintain your gutters, then you should consider having gutter covers installed. While they won't totally eliminate the need to have your gutters cleaned out, you'll be able to reduce the number of times you need to hire someone to clean your gutters when you no longer can. Here's a look at the types of gutter protection you may want to consider.

Easy DIY Gutter Guards

If you want to install the gutter covers yourself, you can buy plastic screens or foam that fit inside the gutters; these work by taking up space so debris can't get inside, yet water can soak through and drain properly. Even though they are inexpensive guards, they aren't the most long-lasting, and they are prone to more problems. For example, since they aren't fixed to the gutters, a raccoon or rat can pull part of the foam or plastic out or destroy it. The foam guards can trap seeds in them that later sprout and leave you with small trees growing in your gutter trough.

The plastic mesh ones can be difficult to clean out. Since both of these options rest inside the gutters, they can collect grime and debris that need to be cleaned off periodically. It could be worth it to spend a little more money and have gutter covers professionally installed, so they need less maintenance.

Gutter Covers Installed By A Professional

When you have gutter covers installed by a professional, they usually rest on top of the troughs. They might slip under the last row of shingles, or they can be screwed into the fascia. Some covers are made of fine stainless steel mesh, and others are made of more solid plastic. The solid pieces have slots or other designs that allow rain to roll inside the gutters, but leaves, seeds, and pine needles are kept out. These covers are much easier to keep clean, and they reduce the problem of seeds sprouting in your gutters since they don't trap seeds and they prevent many of them from getting inside.

Gutter covers can eliminate the need to clean out your gutters every six months. They'll keep birds from nesting in the troughs and prevent clogs that cause your gutters to spill over. While you'll still want to have, your gutters inspected and cleaned occasionally, having gutter covers make maintaining your gutters much easier.