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Three Reasons To Build A Garage Door Without A Pedestrian Door Built In

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Garage doors can be single, double, or even triple wide depending on how many cars your garage holds. One item that everyone may be able to add on to their garage is a pedestrian door. This door will look just like any front door entrance to your home, only it will be attached to the garage. While a pedestrian door that is attached to the garage door is not common, it is a helpful door to have for any family. Here are three reasons to have your contractor install a garage door with an available pedestrian door. 

1. The garage can be used as a mud room

When it is raining or snowing outside, the entrance to the front door can become littered with water, snow, and dirt. This means that you will need to clean it after every time your family enters the room. Instead of having your front entrance become dirty during inclement weather, your family can walk through the garage in order to access the home. This will allow the garage to catch all of the debris and dirt from people and cars so that the home remains clean. 

2. An extra exit is better

Having another exit to the home is always a better situation. If your driveway is a distance from the front door and you have to drop off your kids, you can watch them walk into the pedestrian door in the driveway rather than asking them to walk the way to the front door. Likewise, if a friend is dropping you or your children off, you can have them park comfortably inside of the driveway while you unload, then walk through the driveway. Your family can also easily come outside and aid you in getting out groceries or large items when necessary. 

3. Temperature in the home remains stable

A door entry that allows you and your family to walk through the garage will allow the other entries of the home that are exposed to the outside remain closed. If you have an issue with heavy temperature changes near the front and back door when opening the door, a garage pedestrian door can change it. The temperature in the garage may be lower or higher than the interior of the house, but not to the same degree as the exterior. This means that your HVAC system will not have to work as hard, which can lower your bill in all seasons. 

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