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Three Tips For Your Fireplace And Chimney Care

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When you want your household to make it through the winter without your comfort missing a beat, one of the best things you can do is throw some logs on the fireplace. This requires you to have a solidly built fireplace, along with a chimney that is clean and well prepared. It's important that you understand how to get this service, in addition to reaching out to a chimney repair contractor that can help you out with it. Take a look at the following points and contact a professional that can look out for you. 

Get a professionally installed chimney

If you don't already have a chimney, know that you're in for a treat. A chimney provides your home with unparalleled warmth, on top of more equity to boot. People love owning fireplaces because it's easy to heat your home while lowering your energy bills in the process. Installing a fireplace may cost you about $2,000 on average, and can reach prices as high as $6,000. Hire a chimney and fireplace contractor that does repairs quickly, with diligent planning, while explaining the process every step of the way. This way, you'll know that you're getting a chimney that is durable and well-built. 

Get chimney repairs when you require them

The last thing you'd ever want to do is put off getting chimney repairs. By contacting a seasoned chimney repair contractor, you can get cleanings and repairs that don't burn your budget. A chimney repair should cost you about $450 on average, with repairs typically ranging anywhere between $157 and more than $1,700. This is all money well spent if it keeps your chimney working and helps you to prevent fire hazards. Getting inspections and repairs will keep you safe through the winter, with a fireplace and chimney that work. 

Get a carbon monoxide monitor

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very real risk that is part of owning a chimney and fireplace. Because of this, you need to install and maintain your carbon monoxide monitor, in addition to keeping your rooms well ventilated. Installing a carbon monoxide alarm will cost you between $40 and $80 in most cases. You'll need to do your best to keep your batteries changed and to inspect the alarm on a regular basis. 

Follow the three tips in this article to get the most out of your fireplace and chimney repair, and don't hesitate to bring in a service technician, such as from G.H. Erickson & Son.