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Vinyl: The Right Material For Your Next Deck

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When homeowners stop to consider what kind of decking material they want to use, their usual consideration comes down to either wood decking or vinyl decking. While there are advantages and benefits to both, vinyl decking does well in holding its own. Here is a look at three reasons to choose vinyl over wood.

Vinyl Decking Is Easier To Care For

A wooden deck is going to decay, rot, splinter, and get mildew over time. There is no avoiding this fact, no matter how often you power wash it, bleach it, stain it, and varnish it--all of which costs time and money. Wood is an organic material, and as such, it will eventually return to the earth.

Vinyl decking is generally made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC as it is more commonly called. This plastic-like material has assorted additives added depending on the industry use for the product. These additives, called plasticizers, allow the material to feel more rubber-like or more rigid. A vinyl deck just needs to be sprayed down with water every now and again. There is no sanding, staining, or sealing to worry about.

Vinyl Decking Is More Versatile

Yes, vinyl decking does not feel like wood . . . yet. But manufacturers are constantly developing better technology, and when you consider vinyl decking can be made in every color under the rainbow as well as stamped with assorted life-like wood grains, the difference is getting harder and harder to tell. Solid vinyl decking "boards" are quite difficult to distinguish from their wooden counterparts.

One of the best ways vinyl decking is more versatile is its ability to look good with other materials. Not everyone wants a weathered, wooden-looking deck. For example, a deck made of dark gray vinyl flooring that is then paired with a brushed aluminum or wrought iron deck railing would make a very sophisticated and chic look. The potential combinations are endless when all products are considered. Vinyl decking also will not fade from the sun's UV rays like wood will; the color will always look new. Take a look at to see which kinds of vinyl options you can choose from.

Vinyl Decking Is Comparable To Wood Decking

In comparison to wood, vinyl is the more affordable option over time. Prices vary in different parts of the country; in some areas, vinyl is less expensive whereas wood is in other areas. Vinyl decking will continue to be more affordable over the life of the deck because you will not need to wash, sand, treat, stain, and seal it every several years.