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How To Use A Push Host Fitting

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If you have been tasked with putting a push hose fitting onto a house, here are the four steps that you need to follow.

#1 Size The Hose

The first thing that you need to do is size the hose. That means that you need to need to take the hose and cut it down to the right size that you need. In order to ensure that you get a smooth cut you are going to want to use plastic vice jaws in order to hold the hose in place while you make a nice, clean cut with a fine tooth saw. This is the best way to get a smooth cut on your hose and get it to be the right length.

You'll have to remove the vice grip and rinse off the area of the hose that you cut to ensure that you have as smooth a cut as possible.

#2 Secure The Fitting

Now you need to secure the fitting. To secure the fitting, you are going to want to use your vice jaw grip to hold the fitting in place. Be careful with how tightly you put the fitting on the machine. Using the vice grip is a great way to hold the fitting in place and ensure that it doesn't move around as you attach the hose to it.

#3 Get The Hose Ready

Take some water and heat it up. You want the water to be really warm, but not quiet boiling yet. Then, take the hose that you need to attach to the fitting and dip into the water so that the first few inches are submerged under water. Keep the house in the water for a couple of minutes, about the length of time of an average song on the radio. This will make it easier to join the hose and the fitting together.

#4 Put Everything Together

Finally, it is time to put everything together. Take the hose that is now softened, and push it onto the fitting that you have secured on the vice grip. It should easily go into the vice grip since it is soft, making the process of joining together a vice grip and a hose much easier. You may need to twist a little bit to push the hose and get it secure. You'll want to make sure that the hose and fitting is as tight and secure as possible.  

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