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Remodeling Your Home? Make Sure You Consider Recycling Your Trash

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If you are doing serious remodeling of your home, you are going to be producing a lot of extra garbage. Your normal dumpster rental is not going to be enough to take care of everything so you are going to need to request extra rental dumpsters for the duration of the project. While you are making the request, talk to the garbage collection company about sending some roll off dumpsters for recycling. Here are some of the ways your demolition trash can be reused.


If you are redoing a kitchen or bathroom, you will probably be replacing the cabinetry. Other rooms have wood beams and studs behind the drywall and under the subflooring. The subfloor itself is probably plywood or particle board. These can all be ground or chipped and turned into garden mulch or biofuel. You may even want to keep some to have chipped for your own landscaping.

Plastic, Paper, Metal, and Glass

When ripping things out of the house, take a bit of time to separate the different recyclables. Plastic trim and packaging, plastic sheets put down for protection, metal paint cans, old appliances, and cardboard or paper packaging can all be recycled to create new products. Not only will this reduce the amount of trash at the landfill, but it will also reduce the amount of resources needed to make the new items. Have a few smaller dumpsters available for these items as your sort them.

Concrete and Masonry

When the remodel includes areas with concrete or masonry, don't just toss it in the general dumpster. These items can be taken to the recycling plant and crushed. The crushed product can be used by the city as a foundation for roadwork or used to make new concrete. This is another item you may want to set aside for your own use. After the remodel project, take the remaining concrete to be crushed and used as the base for your driveway or front walk. This will save you from having to pay for it from the aggregate yard.

Everyone has the responsibility of taking care of the environment. Part of this includes reducing the amount of trash that ends up sitting in a landfill. Ideally, you will buy items for the remodel that come from recycled materials, but if you cannot find them, making sure your demolition trash gets recycled will provide someone else with the materials they need.