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3 Solutions To Improve Your Home With Add Rain Collection And Grey Water Recycling

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Homeowners are becoming more concerned about their utility costs and adding more green features to their homes. This can include energy improvements like new LED lighting or automation. It can also include solutions like rain collection and grey water reuse to reduce water consumption. If you want to add rain collection to your home, combining it with grey water recycling can give you more from these green plumbing improvements. Here are some of the solutions you may want to consider to improve your home with rain collection and grey water recycling:

1. Filtering Grey Water To Reuse Inside Your Home Flushing Toilets

Grey water can be a great resource and it can even be used inside your home. Today, there are even small filtration systems that can fit behind a sink and give you water for things like flushing the toilets in your home. The water can come directly from the sink and be stored in a tank that supplies the toilet with water. This is a good way to reduce water consumption in this area of your plumbing where water often gets wasted.

2. Water Your Garden Using The Grey Water With Your Sprinkler System

Another use for grey water is to use it to water your garden. This can be done with a simple system that take water from the drainage off appliances and distributes it to directly water your garden. If you use grey water for irrigation, be cautious of using harsh chemicals like bleach. You may want to use alternatives to do cleaning, such as baking soda and other natural cleaning products that will not cause problems in your garden.

3. Get Clean Rain Water For All Your Needs From Your Roof Top 

Rain water is another great resource that can be used from anything from cleaning to drinking water in your home. You may want to consider a raised tank to provide you with water directly to sinks in your home. If you plan on using rain water for potable uses, it will need to be treated and purified. You will also want to have a roofing material that is suitable for potable water, such as PVC, shakes or a synthetic material that does not contain asphalt.

These are some of the improvements that you may want to consider to add green plumbing with rain collection and grey water recycling. You can contact a plumbing supply store and talk with them about things like grey water filtration and other systems for your green plumbing improvements. Contact a business, such as Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company, for more information.