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3 Tips Mark Your Fence Line On A Large Property And Avoid Future Problems

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If you have a large property you want to fence in, one of the first things you will want to do is mark the property line. This is what you will measure off of for the installation of your fence. There are some things that you will want to consider before digging any holes for posts, such as whether or not there are any easements that you need to obey. Here are some tips to help you mark off a large fence and avoid future problems after installation:

1. Have Your Property Surveyed To Be Sure Of Boundaries

Before you can even start installing a fence, you need to know where the boundaries of your property are. The property line is what you will use to measure for things like easements and other requirements that you need to do. There are professional surveying services that can help with marking the boundaries, as well as other features. They can also help with mapping your property for things like emergency plans and other services that you may need to have done.

2. Check For Easements And Other Regulations Before Installing Fencing

Easements are requirements to keep a fence a certain distance from something. This may be an easement that requires your fence to be located a certain distance from a road, utilities or other features. If you want to avoid having to remove your fence due to failure to comply with easements, it is a good idea to have them marked of now and mapped by a professional surveying services. You can also have them write documents that can be taken to local building authorities to keep good records and avoid potential problems.

3. Make Markers For Utilities, As Well As Access Roads

You may also want to have markers installed for various reasons, such as locating wells and other utilities. This is something that a surveying service can help you with and you can install permanent markers for these feature on your property. Also, have them mark other features, such as access roads for emergency services. This is especially important for larger properties with forested lands, which may need to have fire access roads to fight wildfires.

These are some of the main points you will want to consider when locating a long fence on your property. If you need help establishing boundaries, contact a professional land surveying service. They can also help you with other tasks, such as marking easements and utilities.