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Seven Good Reasons For Using Steel Construction

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Approximately 90 percent of new, commercial, single-storey and approximately 70 percent of new, commercial multi-storey buildings are being made using steel framing. Even a growing number of residential builders are choosing steel over timber when putting up new homes. It's easy to see why. Steel framing is durable, affordable and can be recycled. However, these aren't the only reasons for choosing steel over other building materials.

Advantages of choosing steel framing for your next building project

1. Durability. Steel is one of the most durable building materials available, much stronger than wood or concrete. Steel framing can last for generations. In addition, a steel building won't need to be reinforced if the owner decides to add an additional story or install a heavy slate roof.

2. Cost effectiveness. Steel is also one of the most affordable building products on the market. Additional savings are gained by steel's uniformity. Each beam is exactly alike, unlike wooden beams that can have some variation due to knots, swelling and grain lines. Steel requires much less extra labor to fit the pieces together.

3. Sustainability. Fewer natural resources are used in creating steel beams, especially when compared to wood beams that require trees to be harvested. In addition, steel can be recycled almost indefinitely and beams can find new life after the building is torn down.

4. Water and insect resistant. Steel beams won't rot, warp or split from weather and water damage as wood beams are wont to do. What's more, steel framing is impervious to damage from wood-eating insects, such as termites and ants.

5. Ability to withstand storms. Steel buildings are much better able to withstand high winds from hurricanes and thunderstorms than traditional wood or concrete construction. They also can help lessen vibration and noise.

6. Versatility. Steel frames can be adapted to virtually any style and size building. 

7. Fire resistance. One last, but important, benefit to using steel is that it won't burn like wood does. That means the occupants of your buildings will have extra, precious minutes to escape the building in the event of a fire. Steel framing can also help keep the fire contained once the fire department arrives.

While steel framing isn't necessarily the right choice for every building contractor and every project, this type of framing is kind to your project budget, kind to the environment, and will last for years and years to come. For more information, consider contacting companies like Countryside Welding.