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3 Ways To Deal With Asbestos When Found During Your Home Renovation Project

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Asbestos is a mineral product that has commonly been used in construction materials for decades. Today, its use has been banned in much of the world, but if you have an older home, asbestos can still be found in some of the older materials, such as tile, siding and home insulation. Here are some of the things that can be done to deal with asbestos materials if you find them during your home renovations:

1. Avoiding Disturbing Asbestos Materials That Need To Be Removed

There are many different types of building products that are made of asbestos, which can produce dust if you disturb them or try to remove them. It is best to try to leave any asbestos materials alone, especially materials like insulation that can produce a lot of dust. On the exterior of your home, materials like siding may get covered instead of removed. If you plan on leaving these materials, consider covering them with housewrap and plywood sheathing to prevent dust problems.

2. Options For Dealing With Exterior Asbestos Materials

The materials that are used on the exterior of your home may not always be a problem. If they are a solid product, sometimes covering them is an option. This may be good if you are renovating an old home and the cost of removal is too much. The materials that can sometimes be left alone are materials such as siding, but you will want to remove things like roofing that contains asbestos. Leaving the asbestos is just an affordable alternative to removal, but you can have an asbestos removal service remove these materials if it makes you feel better.

3. Keeping Dust Under Control When Asbestos Removal Is Done

Whenever you are working around asbestos, you want to keep the dust under control. With asbestos, it is the dust particles that pose a danger to your home. If work is being done, keeping the materials wet when possible can help. You will also want to seal off areas of your home where work is not being done to prevent dust from getting in other areas. You may want to do the removal in sections if there is a lot of materials that have to be removed.

These are some of the things that can be done with asbestos if you find it during your home renovations. If you find siding materials that need to be matched or replaced, contact a siding company to find the materials you need to match the original asbestos siding.