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Improve Your Truck's Longevity And Value With The Right Liner

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Trucks can be a great investment when you find yourself hauling items back and forth. The bed space can be a good way to transport work equipment, chemicals, furniture, and more. But as you load the bed of your truck with random items, the bed can undergo some damage. In order to protect your investment, a bed liner can help keep the bed from getting gouged, dented, or scuffed. Additionally, by adding a liner to the bed of the truck, you can enhance the resale value of the vehicle. Many auto valuation sites will increase the estimated value if the truck is equipped with a liner.

In an effort to enhance your truck, you need to know which type of liner to choose. Here are three main types of liners and the benefits you can score with each. 

Mat-Type Liners

One of the most versatile liners on the market includes the mat-type bed liner. This is a popular choice among truck owners because it is easy to install and take out. Most mat-type liners are made from carpeting, rubber, or plastic. Should part of the liner get damaged, you can quickly and easily pull up a section and replace it. This helps keep your truck and your liner affordable and looking great at all times. If you have a compartment in the truck, the mat-type liner can be removed temporarily so you can get access to that compartment. This is great for truck owners who like to store items in individual compartments but want to keep the bed covered. 

Drop-In Liners

Another popular choice among truck owners is the drop-in liner. Just like the mat-type liner, the drop-in liner is easy to install. Once you place it into the truck bed, the sides can be molded to fit into the truck bed so that it does not shift. Most drop-in liners offer some type of adhesive onto the bottom of the liner to help keep it in place. These type of liners come with both textured and smooth surfaces to choose from. For those who have a lot of supplies that can dent and damage the truck, you want to stick with a textured surface to help keep the equipment from shifting during the ride. 

Spray-On Liners

Another form of liner that truck owners often choose to enhance their truck is the spray-on liner. Installing this type takes more work than the drop-in and mat-type liners because you have to prep the bed of the truck so that the spray will adhere to the bed. Fortunately, companies like Jack's Bumpers can perform the service for you. The prepping of the bed involves removing the gloss off the inside of the bed so that the new coating will be able to stick. Once that is done, the bed is then cleaned and primed. Other parts of the truck have to be taped off to prevent over spray of the liner. The great thing about spray-on liners is that they come in a large variety of colors to choose from so you can customize your truck bed. Another benefit is that a spray-on liner can be more affordable than other types of liners.