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Understanding Your Propane Home Heating System: Information For You

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When you purchase a new home, you will need to adjust to the many differences between your new home and your previous home. One of the key differences can be in your type of heating system, particularly if your heating system in the new house is a propane gas heating system. If you are accustomed to an electric or natural gas heater, you may find yourself unsure of how to deal with or maintain your propane system. Get to know more about running and maintaining your residential propane heating system so that you can better care for your home and make sure that you stay warm and comfortable all winter long.

Find Out If You Own Your Own Propane Tank

When you have a residential propane system in your home, you may or may not technically own the propane tank. It is important to know if you own the propane tank or not so you know exactly what you can and should do with the system as far as repairs and maintenance are concerned.

If you do not own the tank, be sure you have all of the necessary contact information for the company that owns it. For repairs and residential propane gas service, you will need to go through the company that owns the tank.

However, if you do own the propane tank, it is up to you to maintain your propane system and to find a maintenance and repair company. Not to mention, if you want your propane fuel delivered to your house, you will need to set up a delivery service and schedule.

Be Sure To Set Up A Maintenance Schedule and To Check Your System Yourself

Propane heating systems run the risk of fire much like any heating system. However, because there are fuel lines that run from the propane tank to the internal heating system in your home, you will need to take extra precautions when it comes to the maintenance and checking of your heating system.

You will need to go through and inspect your heating system yourself regularly, around once a month or once every few months. Look for any damage to the fuel lines (if they are above ground). You will also want to inspect the tank itself. Look for any corrosion or rust as these can be signs that the tank is damaged or leaking. Fuel leaks increase the risk of fire and will cost you a great deal of money on lost fuel.

On top of the work you do to maintain your propane heating system, you will want a professional, like those at Blue Flame Gas Service, to come in and take a look at least once a year. This routine maintenance will ensure that you have no propane fuel leaks or other issues that could cost you money or make your heating system unsafe.

Now that you know more about dealing with your propane home heating system, you can get started and be sure that you stay both warm and safe this winter.