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Why Custom Hardwood Floors Are Great For Office Spaces

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When it comes to shopping for hardwood floors for your office space, there are many different products to choose from. Usually, the most expensive floors are made out of solid hardwood like cherry, maple and mahogany. These floors have to be installed by hardwood flooring specialists. These are very different from modular floors that are made out of composite woods and can be installed for much cheaper. This article explains why custom hardwood floors, though more expensive, might be the perfect solution for your office.

Custom Hardwood Gives You More Options

When you choose custom hardwood floors, there are a larger variety of wood species and finishes to choose from. Not all hardwoods are ideal for flooring, but there are a plethora of suitable species. For instance, you can choose the rich red tone of maple floors or the more subdued natural wood look of pine. Best of all, you can paint or stain your floor with any tint. You can give your custom wood floor a truly unique look.

With custom floors you can also choose from different planks sizes. Small planks will give your floor a look more akin to tile mosaic, while large planks will give the floor a more natural, bucolic look.

Modular floors that are sold at home improvement stores come with a laminated top layer. There is a limited amount of colors, sizes and styles to choose from.

Changing Your Floor

Many long term homeowners are drawn to custom floors because they can refinish their floor whenever they want. When it comes time to change your interior style, you can update your floor too. Since custom floors are made with solid wood planks, you can sand them and apply a completely different coat. This is a very effective way to completely change the look of any room. This is a luxury that is not afforded modular wood floors because they are made out of thin layers of wood. So, you cannot sand off the top layer of laminate with the risk of completely sanding through the top veneer. You can resand a custom floor many times without the risk of sanding through it.

In the long run, custom floors will obviously cost a lot more. The product and the installation are significantly more costly. However, it is well worth the investment if you own your office space. You will have the freedom of refinishing your floor whenever you want to keep your office relevant.