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Three Tips For Slowing Down A Partially Clogged Drain In Your Shower Before It Blocks Up Completely

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Especially if you're in the habit of collecting a lot of mud and dirt on your body before you take a shower, a clogged shower drain will be one of the most frequent and annoying household plumbing events you'll have to deal with. Fortunately, if you take a few precautions designed to decrease the rate at which your shower drain clogs, you won't have to spend nearly as much time addressing the drain with more drastic means like vinegar. To slow down a partially clogged drain in your shower before it blocks up completely, remember these three tips.

Keep Your Hair Short

The longer your hair is, the more likely a particular strand of hair is to fall off when you vigorously rub shampoo and water into your scalp. While some strands of this hair will linger on the top of a drain grille for awhile, other strands will immediately fall into the pipe and contribute to drain blockage. Additionally, the longer your shower goes on, the more likely it is that the hair strands initially stranded on the drain grille will shift to positions near holes and fall down.

Keeping your hair short will make it much harder for loose hair strands to get dislodged. This is because you'll be pulling on fewer hair strands at once when you rub shampoo on your head.

Monitor How Much Shampoo You Use

Any excessive shampoo you use will cloak the hair strands you shed in a thick paste, binding them to your shower drain pipe's sides. Therefore, instead of putting a huge dollop of shampoo on your head all at once, give your hair several small doses of shampoo until you reach the exact point where every area of your scalp is properly saturated. This way, you can still give your hair a good scrubbing without either wasting shampoo or subjecting your shower drain to unnecessary shampoo bubbles.

Wipe The Drain Grille With Your Hand Before You Start Any Shower

When the water drains after a shower, hair strands throughout your bathtub will get dragged toward the hairs already standing on the grille. Depending on how hairy and dirty you were, this clump will be either barely visible or thick enough to slow the water flow during your next shower to a crawl.

Fortunately, no matter the size or thickness of the clump, giving the drain grille a single firm wipe with one hand immediately before a shower is all you need to do to clear it. This will take care of the immediate blockage the hair creates. It'll also prevent any of the strands from loosening up and falling down the drain itself in the future.

For further assistance, contact a local plumber, such as one from Plumb Care Plumbing.