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Getting Ready For A Construction Project? 6 Ways Ground Penetrating Radar Can Help

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You're about to embark on a construction project. Before you start digging, you should know what is buried below the surface. Things like underground utility lines may be present. If you damage them during construction, you may be responsible for the repairs. You also risk serious injury to you – and those around you – if you strike them while you're digging. That's where ground penetrating radar (GPR) comes in handy. GPR allows you to see what's below the surface before you dig. Here are six benefits to using GPR for your next construction project.

Won't Destroy the Landscape

Digging up the soil to locate underground utilities can destroy the natural landscape of an area. With ground penetrating radar, you'll be able to assess the structures below the surface without tearing up the surrounding landscape.

Won't Disturb the Neighbors

People don't like having their peace and quiet disrupted, which is exactly what can happen if you have to bring trenchers and heavy equipment in to locate underground coordinates. GPR will allow you to assess your work environment without disturbing those around you. This is beneficial if you need to begin your workday before most people wake up.

Easy to Use

Unlike heavy equipment that requires special training to operate, hand-held GPR devices require no special training. Not only that, they're portable, which means you won't need extra storage space or transportation for the unit. Simple pack it up and take it with you.

Eliminates Wasted Time

Installing a fence is time consuming enough without hitting bedrock halfway through the project. With a handheld GPR device, you'll be able to pinpoint bedrock deposits and adjust your fence line before you start digging.

Reduces Construction Delays

If you're project is going to involve cutting through a concrete foundation, you need to know what's buried beneath the surface. You're cuts are going to need to be precise. Ground penetrating radar will let you locate and mark underground wires and plumbing pipes before you start digging. This will prevent construction delays and costly repairs.

Increased Safety

As discussed earlier, cutting through underground power lines can be extremely dangerous for you and those around you. Cutting through electrical power lines can cause burns to your body, as well as electrocution. It can also cause electrical arcs, which can lead to explosions. Protect yourself and those around you by using a GPR device before you start digging.

Before you begin a construction project, you need to know what's buried beneath you. Ground penetrating radar will allow you to assess the situation in a safe and efficient manner.