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8 Tips To Maintain Your Septic System

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Your home's septic system cannot be installed and forgotten. It is up to you and your family to be vigilant about the care of the system to keep it in good working order. Here are 8 tips you and your family can use to maintain your septic system.

  1. Keep oils of the system. Oils, such as bacon grease, that are poured down your drains can build up and cause clogs in your system. The buildup is difficult to remove and can impact the performance of the system.
  2. Opt for low water fixtures. Low water fixtures reduce the amount of water that flows through your drains and into the septic system. Less water in the system means a longer range of time between having the tank pumped.
  3. Buy an outlet filter. An outlet filter installed in your septic tank can help to catch debris that gets down the drains before it can clog up the tank. Depending on the type of filter you buy and install, it might even catch oils before they clog the system.
  4. Limit your chemical usage. Chemicals, such as bleach and ammonia, might help to keep your toilets, sinks, and other fixtures clean, but they can have the adverse effect on your septic tank. The chemicals can slowly break down organisms in the tank that help to treat the waste in the tank.
  5. Keep detailed records. To help keep track of when the system is serviced and where the parts of it are located, keep detailed records. By having this information readily available, you can know when it is time for a service call. If you sell the home in the future, provide the new owners with the records.
  6. Keep the drain field clear. Pressure on the drain field can lead to damage of the septic system's pipes. To prevent this, avoid parking heavy vehicles or equipment on the area.
  7. Use grass for cover. Some homeowners put concrete or asphalt over their septic systems. These materials keep out the oxygen the system needs to break down the sewage inside. Your system needs to be only covered with grass.
  8. Know the signs of trouble. If your septic system is malfunctioning, it is important you call for help immediately. Signs of trouble include gurgling sounds from the drains, strong odors around the drain field, and plumbing backups.

By taking care of your septic system, you can extend its lifespan. Work with your contractor to find other ways you can keep your system in optimal condition. Contact a company like Country Well & Pump Inc for more tips.