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Four Solutions To Help Integrate Solar Energy Into Your Water Heater

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If you are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption in your home, solar energy can be a great solution. It can be used in many different ways, such as to power outdoor lighting or to provide your home with hot water. It can also be used for complete energy systems to provide your home with electricity. If you are looking for more affordable solutions, here are some ways that solar energy can be used with your water heater:

1. Passive Solar Collectors For Hot Water Needs

Passive solar collectors are one of the most common solutions to heating water with solar energy. These are collectors that are usually dark colored and circulate water through them. This water can then be used by a conventional water heater, which will use less energy because the water is warmer than it is when it comes directly from the service line to your home. This is one of the most practical and affordable solutions.

2. Evacuated Tube Heaters For Efficient Solar Water Heating

Today, more efficient evacuated tube water heaters are available. These are collectors that have sealed glass tubes with copper pipes inside of them. The tubes act as an insulator for the collectors, improving their performance and efficiency. These systems also work in overcast days and in areas with fewer daylight hours. If you want more of a complete solar solution, this can be a better choice, but will cost more than a passive collector.

3. Storing Solar Energy In Hot Water Storage Tanks

Another solution that can help improve energy savings using solar solutions is thermal storage. A hot water storage tank can be installed to store water from your collectors. This will keep the water warm until it is needed by a conventional water heater. This can also be good if you want to integrate the solar water heaters with your home heating system.

4. Using PV Solar Panels To Power Small Water Heaters

You can also use PV solar panels and electricity to power your water heater. A small solar array can be installed to power the water heater for your home. This type of system will provide you with a more conventional solution. You can also back up your water heater with power from the electrical grid, so it will work even if you do not have a charge on the batteries from your solar panels.

These are some ways that solar energy can be used with your hot water heater. If you are ready to have solar integrated into the plumbing of your home, contact a water heater installation service and talk with them about some of these solutions for your home.