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Sudden Water Leak? What Should You Do?

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Although there's never a truly opportune time to discover a leak in your roof, these situations do often seem to spring up at the worst possible moment. What should you do upon finding a sudden leak at night or over the weekend, when few contractors are available? Should you attempt repair yourself, or wait until offices open and you can call a professional? Read on to learn more about what to do in a roofing emergency.

What steps should you take immediately after discovering a leak?

The more water enters your home (and the longer this water remains in your home) the more potential there is for permanent damage. Your first step should be to stop the flow of water through whatever means necessary. If there is an actual drip, you'll want to place a bucket or other container down to absorb the falling water. If the water is instead flowing down your walls, you'll want to place some rolled-up towels at the place where the wall meets the floor.

If you're able to safely venture onto the roof and can clearly identify the source of the leak (like several missing shingles), place a tarp or poncho over this breach and secure the edges with rocks or other weights. This should help halt the entry of water into your home and allow you time to clean up any mess.

While you're on the roof, be on the lookout for any pools or puddles of water. Any standing water on your roof can quickly cause weaknesses in the underlying wood that can lead to future leaks (or hidden leaks that won't be detected until they cause major structural damage).

What services are available to make a more permanent repair?

Most cities have at least one emergency roofing company -- a service provider that can send out a licensed contractor, day or night, to help temporarily or permanently repair the hole in your roof. These contractors are of particular use when the cause of the leak is not readily apparent and you're not sure where to begin when it comes to stopping the water.

Emergency roofing contractors are also able to identify and repair potential problems -- especially useful when the forecast continues to call for rain. By calling an emergency roofer, you can ensure that you'll be protected against future damage while you have assistance in quickly repairing any current issues. To learn more, contact Accurate Roofing