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Three Choices You Have To Install New Radiant Heating Systems In Your Home

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If you want to have energy efficient heating, radiant heating systems are a great choice. These systems can give you many different options for the type of heating you have in your home. There are steam, radiator and floor and ceiling systems. Each of these systems have different benefits when you are having radiant heating installed in your home. Here are some of the options you have for the radiant heating system for your home:

1. In-Floor Radiant Heating Systems For Homes

Radiant heating can be hidden in the flooring of your home, which has many benefits. With in-floor heating, you will have uniform heating throughout your home. These systems are also out of sight, which means that you will not have to worry about things like locating radiators. If you are building a new home or doing renovations that involve replacing flooring, this is a great option. For existing homes, they can often be costly to have installed and will require replacing flooring.

2. Ceiling And Wall Radiant Heating Systems

Ceiling and wall systems can also be a great solution for radiant heating when floor systems are not possible. Heating can be installed in the walls just like with a floor system, and require less renovations to install. If you have a crawl space or unfinished basement, there are also systems that can be mounted to joists to provide you with the heating you need. Ceilings can also have radiant heating and cooling installed in them to help heat your home. These systems are often installed in homes with geothermal systems that are used for heating and cooling.

3. Thin Radiators And Modern Basement Heating Elements

Radiators can also be a good solution for radiant heating, which will require no renovation to have installed. They are one of the most affordable options, and you can even get thin space saving models. Another option is to use baseboard radiant heating elements; also available in thin profile models for a more modern look. Another option is to use antique radiators if you want a classic or traditional look.  Older, larger radiators have more surface to heat, which make them a good solution for energy efficient radiant heating.

Radiant heating systems can provide many different solutions for the heating in your home. If you want to have one of these systems installed for your home heating, contact a radiant heating contractor at places like Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning Inc and ask them about some of these solutions for your heating needs.