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Three Beautiful And Unique Ways To Tile Your Bathroom

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With changes to materials used in tiling and the way they're being used, you should start looking at tile for your residential bathroom. Modern applications of tile not only give you a look that's incredible for your bathroom, but results that are easier and more affordable to install, not to mention maintain. So if you're interested in making changes to your bathroom for the better, you need to check out three beautiful and unique ways to use tile in your home.

Graphic Features

Using small tiles in mosaics is returning as a trend, though it's been modified slightly to give a modern appeal. Repeating patterns, as well as abstract graphic designs offer your bathroom a bold look that can be easily complemented by simple utilities and hardware.

If you don't want to be overwhelmed with the graphic look, consider using it on one wall surrounded by a single shade on adjacent walls. Though pattern and mosaic work can be intriguing and eye-catching, using it in a reserved installation can be just as enveloping as if you continue the tile throughout the bathroom.

Graphic features go best with solid tones on floors too, or contrast elements like hardwood flooring, so make sure that you complement the mosaic with toned-down grains or muted hues that can give the eye a rest.

Classical Alternatives

A trend that's quickly gaining ground in design and construction, is using tiles as an alternative to classical materials that are difficult to install, expensive, or hard-to-maintain.

Tiles can now be fabricated to look like porcelain, marble, or even wood, so you can install them into a bathroom easily and for a lot less. Tile alternatives to these high-maintenance materials can help you avoid stains, constant cleaning, or impossible installations, so they offer a stunning result that's better for the bathroom.

Three-Dimensional Display

Manufacturers are offering tiles in an unlimited array of printing and fabrication options, with choices that now include three-dimensional elements. Three-dimensional detail can provide contrast and texture that looks outstanding on walls, back splashes, or showers, and the materials are as easy to install as traditional tiles.

Though you can get a unique and beautiful look with three-dimensional tiles on flooring too, types that have significant recesses and protrusions are difficult to clean and can be hard on your feet.

If you're remodeling and overlooked using tile in your project, or if you just haven't kept up with the trends, using modern tile options give you choices and results like never before. So if you want something that's refreshing and beautiful for your bathroom, consider three tile trends that will have you wanting to install something new.