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How To Cheaply Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets

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If you are looking for a great home remodel, you should consider updating your kitchen cabinets. You do not need to tear out your entire cabinet system to give your kitchen cabinets a great new look and feel. This article will explain a quicker and more affordable way to remodel your kitchen cabinets.

New Doors in Your Kitchen Cabinets

The defining element of most cabinet systems is the doors. You will notice that most cabinets are simply boxes with decorative doors. The style of your door trim will largely define the style of you entire kitchen. This is why changing your doors is such a smart and economical remodel.

The first step in upgrading your doors is simply removing them from the cabinet at the hinges. Most people decide to upgrade their hinges at the same time that they update their doors. Newer hinges have great weight bearing capacities and have nice features like soft-closing (meaning that they do no slam loudly because they have built in shock absorbers).

The good thing about reusing your old hinges is that it is cheaper and it is much easier to rehang your doors when all is said and done. You simply put the same hinges back on the door in the same position. Be sure to mark the hinges because they may have been adjusted so they hang perfectly in their particular opening.

Installing New Doors

Regardless of what hinges you use, you will want to make sure that you order doors that fit your existing cabinets. Have a professional take measurements for each opening before you remove your old doors. This is that best way to explore all of your options, so the door maker can inform you of all of the available products.

When you install new doors you will also need to repaint your cabinets. If you are lucky, you can have your paint matched. However, over time the color and sheen of paint on a cabinet will fade. So, it is very hard to get a perfect match, especially when you consider that your new doors will be made out of wood that is slightly different than the cabinet. Paint you cabinets while the doors are removed. This is a relatively easy process because the shape of cabinet ox is so basic and square.

In the end, it is easy to see why upgrading your kitchen cabinets, through companies like Superior Cabinet Supply, can be such an affordable and easy remodel.