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How Tempering Supports The Construction Industry

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The construction industry has been around for years and the tools used in it have been as well. While some tools used for building and fabricating used years ago are still used today, some other tools are modern inventions and have greatly improved the field of construction. Learn more about the tools you may use and how they are tough enough to withstand the worst aspects of construction field.

 Circular Saw Blades Can Cut Through Stone

When it comes to cutting through rock, a circular saw with a carbon or diamond coated blade is usually the tool of choice for doing so. When blades are manufactured for this type of application, tempering is used to strengthen the metal. Tempering for saw blades increases the tensile strength in alloy metals, stainless steel and high carbon steel. Cutting through hard materials requires a blade that is not only going to cut, but one that is not going to break in half while doing so.

Cutting Through Metals With Reciprocal Saws

One great aspect of many construction sites is demolition. Tearing down an old structure to build a new one is common. Metals being removed during demolition work are usually cut using a reciprocal saw with diamond or carbon blades on it. Carbon steel is tempered for hardening the alloys in it, making it a great choice for blades used in saws like the reciprocating saw.

Drills: Tightening Screws And Creating Holes

Putting wood and metal together requires the use of a drill and bit that is strong. The bits used for these types of applications are fashioned from carbon steel after it has gone through the thermal process of tempering. When you stop to think about how strong support beams and other metal/wood combinations need to be for providing structural support, you can see the reason tools for building the need to be tough as well.

The Plain Ole' Hammer And Nails

Hitting a nail may seem like no big deal. However, if you are hitting a nail into a hard surface, you are going to need one with the strength to do so without breaking. The nails you use are made from a variety of metals, many of them being tempered for increasing their strength. Without metal tempering, many building applications would not exist nor last as long either.

The construction field is growing greater every day and many crews are using tools made out of tempered steel. Many of tools manufactured from tempered steel are also the ones used on a daily basis, requiring tool strength to be the highest and best possible as well.